Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

Head over to sign up page and choose a subscription package that best fits your agency. From there you will be prompted to create your Agency Account and add users.

We offer a 14-day free trial so you can experience Signal Sync and realize how much time you can save! Once your free trial ends, you are payment will be processed based on your choice of subscription package.

Yes, once you decide that Signal Sync is right for your agency, choose a package from the checkout page. Any data you entered during your trial will carry over to your Agency Subscription plan.

You can find our packages and pricing on our pricing page.

We understand the need for privacy and confidentiality. We take that seriously at Signal Sync. Our promise to you is that when we access your client data, we use it only for the intended purpose. We don’t copy it for future use, sell it, or share it with anyone. It is accessed from secure servers and devices, using 2FA login, and is HIPAA compliant. Seriously, it’s no joke for us and we want you to feel confident that your client data is safe.


Signal Sync offers the Agency Engine, which is designed to function like a CRM. Different product offerings, we call these the Engine Arms, can be chosen to connect to the Engine, providing seamless creation of compliance documents, POP documents, benefit books, instant temp cards, and help desk functionality. See more on our FEATURES page.

No, currently when you purchase a standalone product you will receive a limited version of the Agency Engine for Life.

When you purchase the Agency Engine, 2 users are included the base costs. If you need to add additional users to your plan you can add them in the Agency Settings under Staff Users. Costs for additional users are charged to your subscription.

Nope, the great thing about Signal Sync is that once the information is in the Engine, it connects to each Arm that you are subscribed to, no need to re-enter the basic client info! Keep in mind that different documents will require different information and not ALL information auto fills. For example, you may need to enter dates or vendor information into the COBRA doc that are not needed for a Benefit Book. But the basic client data will auto fill and the wizards will walk you through each required step.

About Signal Sync

Signal Sync is designed to automate Insurance Agency tasks by connecting data within one system. This creates easier workflows and efficiency.

For many years, insurance agents have faced the struggle of having multiple systems that don’t communicate with one another, resulting in duplicate data entry. Signal Sync created a system that stores information and automates tasks, all in one place for easy access. Signal Sync stores the data in the Agency Engine and pushes it out to the engine arms to create documents that allow the agent to focus on client relationships.

14 Day Full Feature Trial. No Credit Card Required.
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