Stewardship Report and Commissions Transparency Tool

Prove Your Value With the Push of a Button

The new
broker compensation disclosure requirement adds yet another step brokers need to take to remain in compliance, taking time away from actually helping their clients. 


The good news: increased transparency is good for your book of business. 


Delivering an annual stewardship report along with a commissions transparency form provides context to your compensation. It’s an opportunity to show the value you provide your clients. 

The even better news: Agency Engine helps you build these documents with the push of a button with the Stewardship Report and Commissions Transparency Tool.

Man wearing glasses smiling
Mock up of the Stewardship Report

Agency Engine’s Stewardship Report and Commissions Transparency Tool

Give yourself the gift of more time with your clients by automating document creation. 
  • Easy to use: Enter client data once to quickly generate multiple reports. 
  • Major time savings: Spend minutes creating documents, not hours. 
  • Customizable: Create templates branded to your business and designed for your clients.
  • Repeatable: Generate reports quickly client after client, year after year.
  • Signature ready: Quickly collect signoff on your compensation disclosure to satisfy requirements.

Create More Time For Clients

Ready to see how Agency Engine easily generates stewardship reports for your clients?

Book a meeting to see how you can take this task from hours to minutes.


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